A Whore’s Bath

An ice storm came, and in the middle of the night my husband said to me “what was that?” It was as if he wanted an answer but I only vaguely remember hearing anything, if I even did.  It might have only been because he asked me, and in my sleepy state, my mind made something up. He got up, but nothing in the house seemed to have fallen off its shelves, he said to me as he came back to bed.

A few hours later I tried to look at the clock that’s by my side of the bed (yes, we have our own clocks on our own end tables – his runs fast), and I couldn’t see the lighted numbers. It took me a minute before I said, “the power’s out.”

“I know, I told you that,” he said.

“Well shit,” I said. I had brought my computer home, and set it up in our oldest son’s room, since he was away, because we knew an ice storm was coming and I didn’t think I’d be able to get to the office. It was Saturday, but that has nothing to do with the price of eggs in China.

I was leaning on my elbows wondering about whether I could find another place to work, someplace with power and wifi, when he said, “it’s cold.”

“So snuggle up next to me,” I said.

Now I don’t always like my husband.  I know if you’ve been reading me you may have gathered that.  I feel like he judges me, expects things of me, expects me to be a certain person, but it’s more complicated than that. I always feel like that about everyone. It’s not just him, it’s me. I’ll write more about that at another time, maybe soon, but at this moment, he was there, and we have history, and this simple intimacy was nice perhaps because we knew each other and you know how it is with married people.  We have permission.  And in this case there was a basic and mutual purpose for it. We were keeping each other warm. He rubbed my shoulders. He rubbed my breasts and my nipples and then he moved his hand down and and started massaging my pussy.

What could I do?

“You know, there’s no electricity,” I pointed out.

Cause I thought I might have to go to a coffee shop or something, and I hadn’t been planning on showering in a cold bathroom, but I didn’t want to smell like sex either.

He didn’t comment, so I just enjoyed it, in a kind of non-committal quiet way. Maybe we could just rub on each other through our clothes and that’s it. You know, to stay warm.

We re-positioned and I started rubbing his chest and his dick.

He took off all his clothes, but I didn’t follow suit. I rubbed his naked dick and he rubbed me through my clothes. Then our daughter knocked on the door.

“The power’s out,” I said because sometimes they misinterpret “yes?” or “what?” as “come in.” I thought that was what she was coming to ask about anyway, so I’d head off the question. I guess we should chastise them more when we’re not in a compromising position, as an investment for later, because she came right in anyway.  Dad by this time had the covers up to his neck. I still had my shirt on so it didn’t matter.

“There was a HUGE tree that fell in our backyard and DESTROYED the fence and the trampoline,” she says.

“Oh, that’s what you heard,” I said to my husband.

“I knew I wasn’t crazy,” he said.

Our daughter stood there for a second.

“Well, we can’t do anything about it right now,” I said.

And she left.

Now, in the middle of telling you this story, I suddenly remember that we had already been interrupted once that morning.

The dog was barking earlier and since it had been sleeting the night before he had been resistant to his nighttime outing and I had been concerned that he was about to “shit his pants” so to speak.  On the floor.  So I had gotten up to let him out. I did that before our daughter came in. I know that because I remember worrying that one of the kids might wake up and maybe I had a wet spot on my pajama bottoms from the fooling around we had already started, but I didn’t. Then when she told me about the tree I remember thinking that it was funny that, though I had let the dog out into the back yard, I never once looked back there nor seen that the tree had fallen.

So the dog was the first interruption. Then our daughter.

After she left us alone again we got right back into it. I took my clothes off this time too and he ate me. I rotated and sucked his dick while he ate me, and when we were done with that I got on top of him and fucked him until he came.

I’m not cold anymore,” he said.

“Me neither.”

While I was still warm, I thought I’d brave the cold. I told him I was getting up to take a shower.

“A full one, or just a whore’s bath?” he asked.

“A what?”

“A whore’s bath.”

Though I hadn’t heard that phrase before, I figured out what he meant.

“Just a whore’s bath,” I said, laughing.

I had warm water, though the room was cold. Ran the shower over mostly my bottom half, except for when I reached for the soap and water ran down my back. I made it quick so to leave some warm water for him, and got out. The bathroom was a little steamy, so must have warmed up a bit, though it didn’t feel like it. I dried off quickly and as I put clothes on I was thinking maybe I should have taken a full bath after all. I still smelled sex. Maybe it was the bed. Maybe it was the room. Maybe it was my underarms. I didn’t smell it outside my room once I had dressed .It was cold so I guessed it wouldn’t matter. I was wearing many layers.

Then I let the dog in.  Just kidding. The dog had been in.

It was a good way to start the day, and a nice moment with my husband.  I would ultimately find a way to work, at a girlfriends house nearby, and the rest of the day would pretty much suck.